About Cristine

Sense and Origin of the Name

The name Cristine is of Greek or Latin origin, it come directly from the word Christ, which is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word “Messiah”.

Generally, the name Christine is given in Christ’s honnor and in reference to Saint Christine of Tyr, remembered on the 24th of July. However, there are also many other Saint Christines, remembered on the 6th of February, the 13 of March for Christine of Persia, 24 march, 18 may for Christine of Ancyre, and the 6th of November.


French : Christine
German : Christine
Finnish : Kristina
Hungarian : Krisztina
Italian : Cristina
Norwegian : Kristine, Kristin
Polish : Krystyna
Russian : Христина
Slovak : Kristína
Swedish : Kristina
Czech : Kristýna


This name was very popular during the 1960s.


Famous Christine’s


Saint Christine of Tyr, remembered on the 24th of July.
Saint Christine of Persia, remembered on the 13th of March.
Saint Christine of Ancyre, remembered on the 18th of May.


Christine Boutin: French politician, minister of housing and of the town, representative of the Yvelines.
Christine Bravo: French radio and television chronicler, former presenter.
Christine Ockrent: Belgian journalist and presenter of French television.
Christine Clerc: French journalist.